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Reasons to Lease a Land Rover 

  1. You never have to pay the tax on the entire car, just the part you use. I.e. $12,000 residual saves $1560 in taxes.
  2. With strong residuals, there is a chance that the car won't be worth what the LEV is pegged at, and that is depreciation the customer doesn't have to pay, because they can walk away. This is especially true of vehicles at the end of their model cycle.
  3. It allows you the opportunity to re-access your purchase at the 36 or 48 month mark. If you are still happy and the car fits your needs, then exercise the option, or look at something new that starts with a new warranty again.
  4. In the event that you are in a collision, you won't bear the brunt of additional depreciation caused by disclosure of that accident, again just walk away.
  5. In most cases you will be out of the car by the time the more expensive services (80,000k) and non-warranty items start to cost you money.
  6. Versus purchasing, you can afford more car, and the extra cost of more car only costs 50% because the other half is residualized.

Some people are skeptical because they don't understand leasing and they think there are hidden costs, but with full disclosure which is the law, you can see that there are no hidden costs or additional expenses that you aren't aware of.

Anyone will tell you, if it appreciates you should own it, and if it depreciates, you should lease it.