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Mike Shami

Mike Shami | General Manager

Mike has been with Cowell Auto Group since 2006. He loves spending time with family and friends. On a sunny day you are most likely to find him standing behind the BBQ entertaining.

Daniel Chaw

Daniel Chaw | General Sales Manager

Daniel is an amateur photographer and golfer. He enjoys taking his family out for fine dining. Daniel says he is always learning from others, in order to improve on his 20 plus years of automotive experience.

Paul Laderoute

Paul Laderoute | Sales Manager

Paul was born and raised in the lower mainland and has been involved in all things automotive since he was old enough to walk.  In his spare time you can find Paul cooking with his family and friends, paddle boarding at Crescent Beach, hiking, fishing or skiing up at Whistler Mountain or, up in the back country with his Discovery and the local Land Rover Off Road Club. 

Rana Abhishek Singh

Rana Abhishek Singh | Sales Manager

Rana brings with him over 14 years of automobile sales and management experience. He completed his Master’s in Business Administration from Mumbai, India. Rana started his career in India and then moved to East Africa to join a MNC working as a Team Leader for 4 years before moving to Canada. He is proud of his humble upbringing in a joint family that taught him to respect elders, be patient and empathetic to his juniors & accommodating and understanding to all around him. He believes in providing the ultimate customer and employee experience at all times. When not at work, you will find Rana enjoying quality time with his family and friends.

Henry Cheung

Henry Cheung | Brand Specialist

Henry loves to shop, especially for designer brand names…well he used to – Henry is recently married. If the newlyweds were to stick with one cuisine for the rest of their lives, you would probably see them at a Japanese restaurant every day.

Lei Jin

Lei Jin | Brand Specialist

Lei enjoys dealing with different people and helping them find the perfect vehicle for their lifestyle.  He loves to travel in his spare time, seeing different parts of the world and learning about new cultures.

Ray Cao

Ray Cao | Brand Specialist

Ray has over ten years of experience in helping individuals with luxury premium vehicles.  He loves to look after his customers, ensuring an excellent customer service experience.


Tyler grew up playing every sport imagineable; as such Tyler has become a huge sports enthusiast.  When he's not at work, you can find him running the seawall, throwing a football with friends, or eating at his favourite Pho spot.

Brian Lo

Brian Lo | Brand Specialist

Daniel Lam

Daniel Lam | Brand Specialist

Daniel is an avid car and music enthusiasts. On weekends, he enjoys watching Formula 1 races and bringing his dog out to the park. In the future, Daniel hopes to watch the Jaguar Racing team compete in Formula E in person.

Mac Wu

Mac Wu | Brand Specialist

Mac enjoys outdoor activities such as camping.
He is a big time car enthusiast, like making new friends, fluent in Mandarin
and English.

Li Chen

Li Chen | Brand Specialist

Li is a classical music enthusiast, also a new father of a lovely daughter. He loves trying all different cuisines in Vancouver and enjoys travelling around the world with family.

Salar Khalaj

Salar Khalaj | Brand Specialist

Salar has over 4 years of experience in the luxury automotive industry. He has a passion for all things luxury. When not working he loves to spend time bonding with his family and friends. Salar is fluent in both Farsi and English.

Shayan Mehrtash

Shayan Mehrtash | Brand Specialist

Shayan joined the Jaguar Land Rover team to pursue his passion for selling luxury & premium brand of vehicles. He comes from a family that has been in the automotive business. He has over 4 years of Automotive sales experience. He truly believes in providing his customers with all the information that they need in order to make an informed buying decision. He takes pride and excels in providing the ultimate customer service. Shayan enjoys playing soccer along with hiking and shopping.

Tandle Huang

Tandle Huang | Brand Specialist

Tandle Huang just became a father in March in 2018. He is determined to provide the best support to his family physically and financially. He gave up his manager position in the casino where he worked for 10 years and started his new career in JLR, hoping to make a positive impact on his family’s wellbeing and other people’s lives. He is passionate about magic, music, style, and health, and he is ready to pass all his talent and knowledge onto his son.

Elizabeth Balak

Elizabeth Balak | Product Delivery Specialist

Elizabeth has a passion for luxury cars, cooking, and the outdoors. In her free time she takes her two adopted dogs on adventures throughout the lower mainland and enjoys cooking for her friends and family. She lives by the motto ‘Fate loves the fearless’. 

Glenda Chou

Glenda Chou | Product Delivery Specialist

Glenda lives by the motto: DREAM, BELIEVE, ACHIEVE. She is a lover of all things fashion, travel, and fast cars

Sherry Che

Sherry Che | Business Office Manager

Sherry loves animals and adopted a cat two years ago.  She loves travelling, hiking and hanging out with friends. Sherry considers herself a foodie and loves to find good restaurants.

Chang Shu

Chang Shu | Business Office Manager

Chang enjoys all kinds of outdoor activities. She loves playing tennis and hiking during summer, and skiing during winter. You will also find her enjoying a good patio time when the sun is out.

Josh Yang

Josh Yang | Business Office Manager

Josh from Beijing, China and joined Cowell Auto Group in January 2010. Josh likes anything that involves an engine. He loves driving and travel.

Steve Jarrold | Fixed Operation Manager


Arc Arduini

Arc Arduini | Service Manager

Arc appreciates exotic cars, his gem is a 1984 Alfa Romeo GTV.6 which has been rebuilt from the ground up. He also enjoys family, sports, fashion and his years playing music with his band. Ask him where to find a good plate of pasta…

Nelson Shum

Nelson Shum | Service Team Lead

Nelson is an avid hockey and motorsports fan. In his spare time you will find him riding his bike, snowboarding or tinkering with his own car.

Hardev Dehal

Hardev Dehal | Service Advisor

If Hardev is not inside a hockey arena or race track, you can often find him relaxing at home, geeking out in front of his own custom home theater system!

Vanco Peng

Vanco Peng | Service Advisor

Vanco was born and raised in Kunming. After spending some time in Vancouver she loved what this beautiful city had to offer and decided to move here. Fun fact: she’s traveled to over 26 cities within 11 countries while taking 13 courses during her undergraduate career.


Arthur Smith

Arthur Smith | Service Advisor

Arthur doesn't mind work but his dream would be sitting on a private beach, with his phone off, drinking a whiskey sour. He loves watching and playing Ice Hockey but thinks Roller Hockey is stupid.

Brian Soo

Brian Soo | Service Advisor

 Brian joined Cowell Auto Group in 2014. During his free time he enjoys exploring new restaurants and working out. He believes that it’s all about a happy balance between food and exercise. 


Amy Zhang

Amy Zhang | Service Advisor

Amy is an avid skier and traveler. In the summer, you are most likely to find her soaking up the sun at the beach or enjoying some time on the patio.

Hussein Ladha

Hussein Ladha | Service Support


Hussein loves the finer things in life, Classic and Exotic Sports Cars. When not working, you might find him coaching his youngest son's hockey team or older son's challenger baseball team. He loves watching car and home renovation shows. You might also find him enjoying a hockey game (Hab Fan) with his wife and 2 boys.


Nabeel Yoaeel

Nabeel Yoaeel | Service Lot

Nabeel, born in Iraq enjoys living in Vancouver. His idea of a good day would be one spent at the beach with his wife, enjoying a Kebab on the BBQ.

Jennifer Perkins

Jennifer Perkins | Parts Manager


Jennifer is a multi-talented individual. She’s a proud mother and coach that is equally as supportive as she is hands-on both at work and at home. 


Karl Cloutier

Karl Cloutier | Parts Representative

Karl is an active automotive fanatic that enjoys the race tracks and meets. He has impeccable memory and a fine eye for detail when it comes to the next new mod that can be fitted to his vehicle. 

Nick Hunter

Nick Hunter | Parts Representative

Nick enjoys multiple genres of music. With his extensive humor and impersonations he’s a great addition to the parts team.

Roxane Jirku

Roxane Jirku | Parts Representative


Roxanne is very quick, witty, and precise at her job, which is indicative of her amazing outgoing personality. She enjoys her coffee and is always fashionable in her steel toe boots.


Scott Thompson

Scott Thompson | Parts Representative


Scott enjoys a good beverage after a long hard day at work. You can often find him spending time with his dog Parro or planning the next big trip.


Erik Romistrowicz

Erik Romistrowicz | Parts Representative

Erik has been in the automotive industry for 24 years. He has a meticulous eye for modern and vintage motorcycles and a true love for “American Muscle” cars. In his free time he likes to travel to warm climates and enjoys a hearty meal.


Graham Hull

Graham Hull | Parts Driver

Graham, though always on the road at work, is also a husband, father, and sport fanatic. He enjoys a good jam at a concert and reading a good book. Why not throw in some good roller ball and he will be well on his way to scoring his next goal. 

James Herzog

James Herzog | Warranty Administrator

James is a food guru. When it comes to whipping up a storm in the kitchen he can create the next best meal or baked good that will have you craving more. He also enjoys authentic classic luxury vehicles and can make beautiful stained glass windows. How’s that for talent.


Jessica Lee

Jessica Lee | Appointment Coordinator

Cynthia Lo

Cynthia Lo | Appointment Coordinator

Maho Saito

Maho Saito | Appointment Coordinator

Gerald Carrington

Gerald Carrington | Shop Foreman

Gerry joined the Cowell Auto Group in 2001. He has a love for expensive tools and muscle cars.

Jacky Chan

Jacky Chan | Land Rover Technician


Jacky has two beautiful children. On his days off he enjoys inventing new things and finding the next best thing to invest in. 


Humphrey Chau

Humphrey Chau | Land Rover Technician

Humphrey is always looking for the next big race he can conquer.  You can find him being a big part of the community whether it is local or across the ocean. With his skills he can save lives, build houses, and fix cars.

Kenneth Cruz

Kenneth Cruz | Land Rover Technician

Kenneth is currently in the process of learning Chinese. He is a food lover and enjoys his job and the company of his girlfriend. 

Derek Fung

Derek Fung | Land Rover Technician

If Derek is not at work you can find him racing outdoors on his Ducati around a motorcycle race track. He enjoys a good musical entertainment followed by a good night’s rest.

Mohammed Khan

Mohammed Khan | Land Rover Technician

Born and raised in Fiji. Mohammad has grown to love Rugby and Soccer. Recently he attended the Rugby Sevens and is already looking forward to the next match that arrives in Vancouver.

Danny Kuang | Land Rover Technician

Danny can name a few hot travel sports that you should take a look at and likes the warm sunny weather involved with a good vacation. He’s the kind of guy that will always be there to offer a listening ear and crack a joke when you need it. 

Philip Lam

Philip Lam | Land Rover Technician

Philip was born and raised in Vancouver.  A huge hockey fan on and off the ice.  He enjoys spending time with his wife and three young boys who keep him very busy!

Jerry Liu

Jerry Liu | Land Rover Technician

Jerry was born and raised in Taiwan and moved to Canada in 1996. He enjoys snowboarding, photography, video games, and spending time with family and friends.

Eric Maitland

Eric Maitland | Land Rover Technician

Eric married his High School sweetheart and together they have a beautiful daughter and twin boys. As a family they enjoy watching Canucks hockey and spending time together at their vacation property along with their dog, Maggie. Eric also enjoys going golfing, when he has "free - time". 

Russell Owen

Russell Owen | Land Rover Technician

Russ is a fan of playing and watching sports. Hockey is the greatest sport on Earth. He has 2 young boys and spends most of his free time with the family. 

Farshid Tabari

Farshid Tabari | Land Rover Technician

Growing up a soccer fan, living in this beautiful city has turned Farshid also into a Canuck Fan. Farshid always enjoys having a good laugh with friends.

Raymond Wong

Raymond Wong | Land Rover Technician

Motorcycles, Luxury cars, and Movies are a few things that Raymond is fond of. Contrary to most, he is not bothered by the baby bunnies that roam the streets of the Automall.

Tim Woodhouse

Tim Woodhouse | Land Rover Technician

Qumars Yorish

Qumars Yorish | Land Rover Technician

Qumars likes to go to the gym and work out. He also enjoys running and his favourite sport is soccer, which he tries to play when he has free time. Qumars loves spending time with his family and watching his 2 little girls grow up!

Liang (Bryce) L Zeng

Liang (Bryce) L Zeng | Land Rover Technician

Bryce enjoys spending spare time with his family. In fact he can be found sitting on a cold bench watching his daughter figure skate on most days.

Richard J Price

Richard J Price | Jaguar Technician

Richard is one of our British Lads. You can often find him at the next sporting event whether it be hockey, a good game of “footie” (soccer), or even rugby just to name a few. 

Brandon Murthi

Brandon Murthi | Jaguar Technician

Brandon is a fan of all sports, especially hockey.  He loves building his car and enjoys racing it on the track. In his spare time he likes to go out and spend time with friends.

Ray Cai

Ray Cai | Apprentice Technician

Ray is currently in the process of continuing his apprenticeship at JLR. He is a car enthusiast and if you’re looking for him you may often find him working on tires in the tire room.

Brendan Grant

Brendan Grant | Apprentice Technician